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Flemish practice

These news concern the practice of flemish.

Examples : Flemish lessons, practice sessions...

4th WFW : Word Collecting at the Steenmeulen in Terdeghem

On Friday afternoon the Institut de la Langue Régionale Flamande ILRF-ANVT organised a word collecting session in the windmill of Terdeghem called « Steenmeulen » to collect West Flemish words related to windmills and milling tools.

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4th WFW : Memory Workshop in Cassel

During the 4th West Flemish Week, we organised a memory workshop in the Résidence Les Hauts de Flandre, a retirement home in Cassel.

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Training in Flemish Linguistics

As announced at the Annual General Meeting of the Institut de la Langue Régionale Flamande on March 30th a training course was to be organised in four sessions from April 29th to May 20th.
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4th WFW : First West Flemish words for pupils in Wormhout

The 4th West Flemish Week went on with introductory classes of West Flemish for over 100 pupils from Saint Joseph School in Wormhout.

The 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students learned a few words (greetings, family members, numbers) and the meaning of their surnames (whenever Flemish). They also sang the West Flemish version of « Frère Jacques », the nursery rhyme « ‘T was een aeptje » and the well-known Reuzelied (the Song of the Giant). They were glad to have the opportunity of repeating words they had already heard at home and bringing home some words in West Flemish to theur parents.

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Le repas de Communion - pièce de théâtre transfrontalière en flamand