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Flemish Rhetoricians’ evening meeting in Wormhout

The Institute of the Flemish Regional Language has taken part over the last five years in the Week of the French Language and France’s Languages in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture. This year again some students who attend the Flemish courses run by cultural associations have consequently composed texts and poems in Flemish and in French as well. They will declaim their pieces on the occasion of a Flemish rhetoricians evening meeting on Friday June 12th at 7 p.m. in Wormhout public library and resource centre. You are free to let the Flemish language speak to your heart.
Please find the programme in attachment.

Open Letter to Mr Jean Delobel

On May 7th the Hazebrouck edition of La Voix du Nord issued an article on the 10th anniversary of the House of the Dutch Language (in Bailleul) with an interview of Jean Delobel as the foundator thereof. The ANVT-ILRF felt the need to send an open letter in reaction to some of his controversial or unfair statements about the Flemish regional language.

Flemish Christmas Carols in Wormhout and Bergues

On the occasion of two concerts Het Reuzekoor will interpret the most beautiful Flemish songs, among which some from Edmond de Coussemaker’s repertoire and some other from local songs collecting. The first concert will take place in St Martin Church in Wormhout on Sunday December 7th at 4 p.m. The second concert will be given in St Martin Church in Bergues on Sunday December 14th at 4 p.m. (overture by the Groenberg choir)

2009 General Meeting of the ANVT

You are heartly invited to the Annual General Meeting of the ANVT-ILRF that will take place on Saturday May 2nd from 9.30 a.m. in the meeting room, Vandamme Square, in Cassel.
Do not hesitate to circulate this invitation to all those favouring the development of our regional language
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"Of doves and men", play in Flemish performed by Flor Barbry’s Volkstoneel

Volkstheater van Flor BarbryFlor Barbry’s Volkstoneel theater company is back on a new tour in French Flanders. They have adapted a 1990 play entitled “of doves and men” which they will perform in Western Flemish only. There will be performances in 13 French Flemish communes and in 14 Belgian Flemish communes between November 22nd and March 1st. The moving and humourous performances of the theater company have always attracted and entertained many spectators ever since its foundation in 1954. For more than 50 years, they have given evidence of how crossborder our Flemish regional language is.Further information on http://www.volkstoneel.be/


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