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The news concern events related to the Flemisch regional language.

Examples : music festival, languages committee...

4th WFW : Place signs in West Flemish inaugurated in Sainte-Marie-Cappel

During the 4th West Flemish Week we inaugurated 5 place signs with the name of Sainte-Marie-Cappel in West Flemish at each of the access roads of the village. 

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4th WFW : Flemish evening at the "Jean Bart" in Gravelines

On Friday the West Flemish Songs Evening was hosted in the Jean Bart Inn, an impressive venue at the very heart of the works of Tourville project in Gravelines

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4th WFW : Bilingual Mother’s Day

Some love words for beloved mothers on Mothers’s Day. 

We wish all mothers from Flanders and beyond a happy Mother’s Day ! Here are a few bilingual texts to celebrate mothers.


4th WFW : Bilingual Heritage Hike in Esquelbecq

On Wednesday the participants of the Heritage Hike organised for the 4th West Flemish Week discovered the charming village of Esquelbecq where they were toured both in French and West Flemish

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4th West Flemish Week

The 4th West Flemish Week will take place from May 25th to June 1st.

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