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4th WFW : Place signs in West Flemish inaugurated in Sainte-Marie-Cappel

During the 4th West Flemish Week we inaugurated 5 place signs with the name of Sainte-Marie-Cappel in West Flemish at each of the access roads of the village. 

Mayor Bertrand Crépin and Deputy Mayor Francis Meirland said a few words both in French and West Flemish to remind the attendance of the commitment of the municipality towards the promotion of West Flemish : street signs, road signs, town signs, direction signs on municipal facilities, nearly all signs read in West Flemish and French. Regional Councillor Valérie Vanhersel spoke about the Hauts de France Regional Council’s support for West Flemish and for the Institut de la Langue Régionale Flamande ILRF-ANVT, especially in projects such as the promotion of West Flemish in villages like Sainte-Marie-Cappel. Regional Councillor Bénédicte Crépel also attended the inauguration to express her support for such initiatives.