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West Flemish learners are back to school

Pupils and students go back to school, and so can Flemish learners. They have many options to learn West Flemish :

Evening classes for adults and langage workshops : There are 30 association-run classes and workshops in 22 towns and villages throughout the Dunkirk district from Monday evening to Saturday noon. There are also 12 monthly conversation groups where speakers can improve their langage skills in our regional langage.

We are very grateful to our voluntary teachers who will warm-heartedly welcome you and see to the good-humoured atmosphere for your classes.

All details about the classes and workshops are available HERE : vlamsche lessen 2019-2020

Official schooling : This year will be a critical year for West Flemish classes at school for two reasons. The teaching is due to resume on the terms of the original convention on experimental West Flemish teaching in primary schools, as was the case in the previous years. But the educational offer is also expected to be extended so that the discrimination against our regional langage should end and West Flemish should be taught at school like the other regional langages of France.