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3 – Are spelling rules required for regional languages ?

In his book Cours de flamand - Tome 1 (p. 21) the French linguist Jean-Louis Marteel made the following remarks : "Spelling must conventionally render the pronunciation of a language ; this rending should be as closeas possible to the actual pronunciation". "If one wants the spelling to be used in education, it must be self-consistent and so complies with a certain number of linguistic rules that are universally admitted" thereby "rejecting phonetic spelling which inevitably result in anarchic spelling"

In a text of June 2017 his fellow linguist Philippe Simon added :"If phonetic spelling is to be rejected, there remains only one alternative then : phonological spelling. Linguists who endeavour to set consistent spelling rules for a language yet without seplling opt for phonological spelling regardless of the language. For instance, linguists opted for phonological spelling when Luxembourgish became the official language of Luxembourg along with French and German »